The Money Matters

The sole reason our clients hire us is to ensure their investment property is profitable in both the long and short term.  We work with each client to ensure they receive regular reporting of any deposits, upcoming rentals, and year to date gross and net revenue for each property we manage.  This can be done as regularly as bi- weekly or annually depending on their personal preference.  We also provide any necessary reporting that ensures our clients have everything they need to provide their tax professional to efficiently carry out their role.  

Monitor The Market

Rental rates have been swaying dramatically in recent years depending on location and the amenities offered in any given property.  It's essential to continually revisit rates to ensure we're maximizing the income potential of the property while hitting our occupancy goals.  This includes creating effective seasonal rate structures as well as being aware of local festivals, events and conditions that might allow for brief windows of heightened rate structures.

Getting Paid

We work with each client and their own unique circumstances to develop a pay out schedule that meets their needs.  Some want to receive regular payments as rentals occur while others prefer one lump sum payment at the end of the season or year.  Whatever your preference we'll work to accommodate any reasonable structure. 


Our fees are normally withdrawn within 2 weeks of each successful rental once we can ensure the guests were fully satisfied with their stay.

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