VRBO and Air BNB

Airbnb and VRBO are the most versatile and most utilized vacation rental platforms on the internet. Each platform has its pros and cons and we at Homewaters Vacation Rentals stay up to speed on current technology and primarily use these platforms to properly vet all potential renters, correspond with incoming and outgoing guests, handle all transactions and do everything necessary to continue to receive excellent reviews.  

Liability and property insurance are built into these platforms adding addition protection on top of primary home insurance.  

Social Media

At Homewaters Vacation Rentals we utilize social media to keep the public informed of places to stay in northern Michigan.  We keep our rental homes at the top of the search engines with excellent reviews.  Its easy to share an excellent place to stay in northern Michigan!


At home waters vacation rentals we have a well established stake in the community. We love it that most of our business comes from great reviews from guests and referrals from trusted partners.  We are trusted in the greater Traverse City area and continue to receive word of mouth referrals because of networking.  We have of a history of integrity, conscientious execution, and treating clients homes like we would our own.

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